2023 Florida Truck Show

Great meeting with you today! We hope you're enjoying the event as much as we are. We are offering to all participants discounted haul rates by just clicking on the link below!

Heavy Hauling Services

Experience matters when it comes to dealing with the transport of heavy equipment. It requires special attention from an expert to coordinate the logistics and make sure they are getting the right type of trailer to handle your load. Majority of companies do not have the knowledge on how to handle these types of equipment, so it’s important that you’re careful with you trust handling your heavy haul.

Fully Licensed & Insured​

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Heavy Equipment Transport for Florida Truck Show Participants

Heavy Equipment Shipping Anywhere in the US.

Construction & Agriculture Equipment · Oversized Loads · Heavy Duty Trucks · Containers · RVs & Boats

We are problem solvers

We Can Handle Any Challenge and haul Any Load - There isn't Anything that is too big

No matter the dimensions, weight, or nature of the equipment you’re looking to get shipped, we can handle any obsticle and guide you on the best method to have the haul done. We will take care of the permits, escorts, and any other requirements needed.

Exact Transport
Exact Transport

Exact Transport
Exact Transport
We will help you prepare

Get a rate to haul construction equipment before the purchase

We have multiple clients that rely on our transparency before making a purchase from an equipment dealer or auction to help make the right choice. We give the absolute total and accurate rate knowing the importance this is in making purchasing decisions.

Discover how stress-free hauling can be

Hire a Reliable Heavy Equipment Transport Service

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